How Aaryn Myles Candle Started


It started when I wanted to make a candle for myself. A candle in a big decorative vessel that has a great scent. I wanted to make this candle because I was tired of collecting used candle jars over the years. You can imagine how much jars I tried to keep as I am a real candle burning addict. I figured, one big candle vessel would last for months. I would only make one per season.

I was successful in not just executing this goal but was able to sell 60 units of my 33oz candles to friends and family during Christmas 2022.

Shortly after, I realized that having an online store for such a heavy and big candles is not really ideal as shipping cost is too much for most customers.

The goal now is to still create great scented candle in a decorative “smaller” vessels but make it refillable. This goal will soon be achieved. Please stay tuned =)

I love creating my products from start to finish. The process is very therapeutic and relaxing for me. I've created and designed every vessel carefully and picked the most unique scent you'll ever smell in a candle. You just have to light one yourself.   

I hope that customers would enjoy them as much as I enjoy creating them. Thanks for all your support. 


Maker and Owner